High Temperature O-Rings Supplied By Orinoco Bearings

High Temperature Seals

High Temp. O-Rings Supplied By Orinoco Bearings

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High Temperature Seals - Including Kalrez® Seals

Supplied in the UK by Orinoco Bearings

High temperature seals are now available in the UK. Kalrez O-Rings ( manufactured by the DuPont Corporation USA ) can now operate in temperatures up to 327*C and are available in a variety of different grades such as 4079, 6375 and 7075 etc.

Viton O-Rings ( also manufactured by the DuPont Corporation ) are widely available commercially in both Imperial and Metric sizes and offer an upper working temperature of 200*C.

Other manufacturers offer O-Rings that are direct equivalents to DuPonts Kalrez and Viton and these can often work out cheaper and be more readily available. If you have a requirement involving a high temperature O-Ring then talk to us - we have a solution.


High Temperature Seals to Trust for Tough Sealing Applications

For demanding sealing applications when customers require the very best.

Kalrez® O-Rings manufactured only by DuPont
Performance Elastomers, are the elastomer seals of choice.

Supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes.


The Outstanding benefits of Kalrez® Seals include:

  • Advanced properties which help to maintain seal integrity, reduce
    maintenance and operating costs and improve safety.

  • Parts provide reliable, long-term service with a wide range of
    aggressive industrial and electronic grade chemicals

  • Resists over 1,800 different chemicals while offering the high
    temperature stability of PTFE (327°C)


Genuine Kalrez® Seals or a low cost alternative ???

The choice is yours - both are available in a wide range of imperial and metric sizes.

Small quantity production orders are our speciality.

Try us for:

FFKM Seals







Popular grades of Kalrez® Seals include

Kalrez - 8475

Kalrez - 9100

Kalrez - 808

Kalrez - 4079

Kalrez - 7075

Kalrez - 2037

Kalrez - 6375

Kalrez - 6221

Kalrez - 3018

Kalrez - 8002

Kalrez - 8575

Kalrez - 0040

Kalrez - 1050

Kalrez - 6230

And many more...


High Temperature Seals Guide:

High Temperature Seals Guide

Degrees (C◦) Polymer Type
  - 4 to 232 AFLAS
  - 59 to 120 Butyl
  - 57 to 121 Ethylene Propylene
  - 26 to 205 Fluorocarbon
  - 73 to 177 Fluorosilicone
  - 26 to 205 Hifluor
  - 32 to 149 Hydrogenated Nitrile
  -37 to 107 Neoprene
  -34 to 121 Nitrile (General Service)
  -55 to 107 Nitrile (Low Temperature)
  -26 to 260 Perfluoroelastomer (Parofluor)
  -21 to 177 Polyacrylate
  -40 to  82 Polyurethane
  -54 to 232 Silicone

High Temperature O-Rings for use in chemical processing plants
Chemical Processing

High Temperature O-Rings for use in formula one
Formula One


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